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Automatic Carton Packing Line

Automatic bottle into box packing line

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 automatic bottle into box packing machine


1. Automatic boxing packing machine production line 
2. Automatic weighing, bottle filling, bottle into box, box closing, strapping, palletizer.
3. Controled by PLC
4. CE&ISO9001

The packing line consists of automatic packaging machines, conveyor, automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine and other components. 
The specific process:Automatic weight sorting or packing →Exploration →convergence in shaping line payment automatically out of the box machine → → →vibration automatic packing machine automatic sealing machine flatten → → →automatic strapping temporary segment.


Technical parameters:
1. pouch capacity :120-150pcs /min
2. pouch Weight:. ≥ 250g

3. working pressure:. ≥ 5kgf /cm²
4. Powder: ≥ 5KW (depending on the configuration)


Contact details:

Contact person: Andy Cai           
Skype: andycai2014
Whatsapp/Viber: 8618919605973
Wechat: WAYW1234
MOB: 86-18919605973