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Vacuum Packing Machine

YH2000A6 Automatic Brick Bag Vacuum Packing Machine for rice

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rice brick type bag vacuum packing machine


1.pillow &gusset vacuum bag packing
2.Thermal seal
3.Customized machine is available


The unit of device including: Z type bucket elevator, Vibration weigher, Vertical packing machine, Vacuum shaping machine, and Product conveyor and so on. Based on different kinds of grains, the bag could be developed to different sizes and shapes(cuboids/Cube). The Automatic Granular Vacuum Packing Machine sell well, so the product has a long worth time and good looking. The unit of Automatic Granular Vacuum Packing Machine recognized automated material conveyor, filling up, packaging, reshaping, vacuuming, securing cutting, item communicating, dirt gathering by using the PLC and touch screen. The system of equipment is commonly utilized in all types of grains, rice, additive, tea, medicine, chemical industries, and so on.


Technical Parameters:

Packing speed 6-15bags/min
Weight range per bag 0.5kg-2.5kg
Bag dimensions (50-460)x(80-350)mm(L*W)
Bag type Brick type bag
Bag material PA/PE
Weighing precision


Air comsumption 0.6Mpa 0.65m3/min
Reel outer diameter Φ 400mm
Core internal diameter Φ75mm
Machine weight 2000Kg
Power supply 5.5Kw 380V 50Hz.