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Secondary Packing Line

GFP1S1 Automatic secondary bag packaging machine (dual position)

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automatic secondary bag packing machine


1. Woven bag automatic packaging machine for automatic counting, filling,output, import and sewing bag.
2. easy to operate with a touch-screen, very convenient safe and reliable.

Device Profile:
The unit is completed neatly packaged pouch products (150-1000 g) requirements (arranged in the form of: cutting dual positions, single row or double row of horizontally arranged) loaded bags, sewing bag output automatic packaging process. In order to achieve a fully automated operations from small packaging bags packaging of bulk materials, saving manpower, material and financial input, for customers to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, the unit is widely used in detergent powder, salt, seeds , such as milk powder, powder, granule packing machine of choice for major companies.
The device basically consists of: double-layer inclined conveyor, high-speed conveyors, count rationale charter, woven bag automatic packaging machines, sewing machine, the product conveyor.


Technical parameters:

1. This unit is suitable for packaging products range: 150g ~ 1000g bagged product;

2. Packaging materials: paper bags, woven bags (film);

3. Packing speed: 4 large bags 14 bags / min, pouch: 40 ~ 180 bags / min; Packaging speed varies according to the product

4. Arranged in the form of pairs of positions expected, single or dual horizontal;

5. Compressed air: 0.5 ~~ 0.7MPa, the largest air consumption 0.9 m3/min;

6. Power: 6.5Kw 380V ± 10% 50Hz;