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How to care for the packaging machine

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Operating personnel shall be fixed to the packaging machinery and equipment, and shall be factory trained personnel can master boot operating procedures, will simply change the parameters; be able to understand the work processes, modes of operation, work status, common faultsinvestigation and processing. Routine maintenance must ensure that the computer meter box inside and outside clean and dry; timing check terminals loose, shedding phenomenon. Guarantee the circuit, gas flow.
Basic cleaning includes:
(1) after the shutdown should be required to ensure that each class clean feed opening, making it not subject to corrosion.
2 electro-optical tracking hair bald, that the electric eye should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the cursor tracking error.
Materials scattered on the machine, the need for timely clean-up, clean and maintain the mechanical parts.
Regular cleaning of the dust of the electrical control box, to prevent poor contact failure.
5 newly installed machinery in the week must drive and moving parts, check fastening, refueling and maintenance; after each month must be checked regularly to maintain;
Basic maintenance:
A. Regularly check various parts of the packaging machine screws to prevent loosening.
Two. Note that the electrical part of the water, moisture, corrosion, rodent control. Electronic control box and terminals need to be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.
3 regular engagement at the gear to the packaging machine, with the seat bearing the filling hole and moving parts to raise the oil lubrication. Do not use oil on the drive belt to prevent aging caused by slippery throw forward or belt damage, please note that when filling oil.