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How to deal with common vacuum pump failure

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Generally, we will mainly be in the process of vacuum packaging machine encountered the following common problems: 1. Vacuum low noise. Vacuum pump injector. Vacuum pump oil spills. Vacuum pump fumes 6. The pump will not turn pumpingvacuum lid does not work, below us have a detailed description.
Pump oil contamination, too little or too dilute cleaning vacuum pump, and replaced with new vacuum pump oil; extraction time is too short to extend the extraction time; exhaust filter clogged Clean or replace the exhaust filter; leakage Department, for taking the time off after power, check the solenoid valves, fittings, vacuum pump suction valve and studios surrounding whether the leak at the gasket.
Vacuum pump coupling wear and tear or rupture replacement; exhaust filter clogging or installation location is not correct, clean or replace the exhaust filter is installed correctly; leak check the solenoid valve for leaks and to exclude.
. Off unplug the pump mouth of the vacuum suction valve O-ring, remove the suction mouth, remove the compression spring and the suction valve, gently stretch the O-ring several times, re-embedded in the groove, and then can be installed; wear replacement of rotary vane rotary vane.
. Oil valve plug to remove the oil return valve, cleaning (see instructions); the oil window after loose oil drain, remove the oil window, wrap the raw material with a thin plastic film.
(5) exhaust filter clogging or contamination to clean or replace the exhaust filter; pump oil contamination replaced with new oil; oil return valve plug to clean the oil return valve
6. The studio did not Gaiyan studio reclosable; motor reversal (be careful not to change the ground, 9323 for the ground); insurance off (light) the replacement of the same size insurance
No power supply to see whether the power; travel switch action adjust the limit switch paddles; off the insurance and the exclusion of (light) the replacement of the same size insurance frequently burn insurance short-circuit to find; motor reversal time is too long any two-phase power line exchange installation (except ground); oil viscosity is too high wash pump and oil change insurance box paddles a short circuit at the repair