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How to maintenance of vacuum pumps

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How to maintenance of vacuum pumps
Specific points following six points:
1, vacuum pump oil:
XD, XQ series of vacuum pumps should be used the composite SH0528-92 standard provides for the vacuum pump oil. Ambient temperature of 0 ℃ to 10 ℃ using ISO-VG32 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil. The ambient temperature at 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ viscosity grades of ISO-VG100 vacuum pump oil (the original # 1 vacuum pump oil).
Vacuum pump operation must be maintained when the oil level in the oil window 1/2 to 3/4. Should always check the oil level and oil pollution (recommended once a week).
2, the replacement of the vacuum pump oil and oil filter:
If the oil contaminated black, emulsifying or thickening should be timely oil changes. Oil, it should also replace the oil filter. Cleaning and before adding a new oil pump.
Cleaning, oil change steps:
① stop the pump to let go of the hot oil.
② rotating the drain plug on the operation of 5-10 seconds, and the oil exhausted.
(3) injection cleaning oil (No. 32 machine oil) to the height of the oil window 3/4.
(4) operation of vacuum pump for 5-10 minutes.
The ⑤ stop pump, release the oil. Such as let go of the oil is still relatively turbid, mainly the repeat ③, ④ steps, until the release of oil appear to be transparent.
⑥ Rotary drain plug on the operation of 5-10 seconds.
⑦ oil exhausted.
⑧ inject new oil can be prescribed.
3, the replacement of the exhaust filter:
If the pump temperature is significantly higher, the motor current reaches or exceeds the rated current the fumes generated in the pump exhaust port, you should check the exhaust filter is blocked, such as blockage, should be replaced. Installation of an exhaust hole pump fuel pressure gauge, check that the filter is clogged. When the pressure exceeds 0.6 bar (gauge pressure) can replace the exhaust filter.
4, cleaning inspiratory filter:
Inspiratory filter should be kept clean to avoid pumping speed decreased.
5, Storage:
If the pump long dormant, should oil exhausted and cleaning the pump, and then injected into the new oil is placed in a dry place.
Should ensure that no oil pump removal. You can not hit the pipeline, oil filters and other objects.