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China's packaging machinery will seize the U.S. packaging market

Release date:2012-5-29 Browsing times:3425

20 years ago, who would believe that the manufacture of household electrical appliances in China occupies an important position in the U.S. market, and even to determine the price trend of the global appliance market? Who can doubt that 10 years, the U.S. packaging market will be extensive use of packaging machinery made in China? Open China continue to create the miracle of the world was incredible.
  Perhaps 10 years to say too conservative, because China is going through the process of accelerated development, as a free and open market, the United States, the door has been open packaging enterprises in China with. The only question is when packaging companies, in what way it went in, and succeed.
  China's packaging machinery whether to open the U.S. market, on the one hand, and the technical level of China's packaging machinery, on the other hand, the shape of the packaging machinery market.
  As a highly developed liberalized markets, the U.S. packaging machinery manufacturers, "polarization" phenomenon was obvious. Trial prepared to detect the coding device is represented by compact electronic products in the United States was thriving; based heat shrink packaging machine, wrapping machine, sealing machine packaging machinery also occupies a considerable proportion; to the filling machine labeling machine, capping machine based large-scale production line of packaging machinery, the United States has basically does not produce, market, almost all imported equipment, in particular, is occupied by the German, Italian manufacturers of equipment.
   Through the introduction and absorption of technology and capital and global sourcing, the rapid development of China's packaging machinery manufacturing level, and industrial design standards. Packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China today is very easy through global sourcing some of the key components to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of the equipment. If high speed filling machines, labeling machines, packing machines and robotic equipment, the Chinese-made machinery can not be German, Italian, Japanese competition, then in some low-tech products, produced in China a lot of packaging machinery, has to meet the requirements of the U.S. market, and are most likely to get a breakthrough in the short term. In particular, some general-purpose packaging machinery, shrink packaging machine, baler, wrapping machine, filling machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, out-of-the-box machine, vacuum packaging machines, weighing / filling / sealing machine manufacture of the product costs less than half of U.S. products, with strong competitiveness. The low price is the best stepping stone to China packaging machinery to enter the U.S. market