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Interpretation of the four key words of the packaging machinery automation

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[Guidance: The security detection technology, motion control technology, flexible production, and manufacturing execution systems (MES) has become the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers concerned about several major keywords. Then the key words behind, the way out of the packaging machinery enterprises in? The opportunity of a complete set of automation products Where is? Let us come to these four key words to recite. 】
    20 years ago, the first application in the packaging machinery PLC opens the era of the packaging machinery automation technology. Then, with the intervention of the control and drive technology, servo technology, and digital concept, the packaging machinery market has gone through several rounds of changes. At present, China has become the world's largest commodity production and exports, at the same time, the world's attention focused on the fastest growing, largest and most potential for the Chinese packaging market.
    Broad prospects for the domestic packaging machinery market, such as stand-alone automation, stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, and short life's often-criticized domestic packaging machinery products. Tianjin University of Science and Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering Professor Li Zhenliang has deep feelings: "self-development capabilities of China's packaging industry is weak, and the lack of scientific research and production base in the trial, while the domestic production of large-scale leading enterprises. In fact, Germany, Italy countries such as packaging machinery products compared to the gap is the increase in space of the domestic machinery manufacturers.
    The work of completed research projects to help the domestic packaging machinery business, Professor Lee summed up the technology roadmap for the development of the domestic packaging machinery enterprises. He stressed that the security detection technology, motion control technology, flexible production, and manufacturing execution systems (MES) has become the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers concerned about several major keywords. Then the key words behind, the way out of the packaging machinery enterprises in? The opportunity of a complete set of automation products Where is? Let us come to these four key words to recite.
    Security detection technology - detected a widening scope
    Security in any one industry is the first key words, especially in the packaging industry. In the food industry, security detection technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Professor Li is the first before the completion of test items to help a company, for example, told us about the specific context of the safety testing technology. He said: "Specifically, this project is to help the company's machinery products to complete the precise ingredients, no matter who is operating the equipment must meet the high precision of the ingredients, but also operating, ingredients, varieties can be traced production time, equipment number and other information. "but he stressed that this project is the application of the weighing, temperature and humidity sensors and other products, also does not involve the scope of the chemicals detected. Moreover, the detection of the packaging industry to be more complex.
    At present, a manifestation of food safety in the packaging machinery not only limited to the range of simple physical parameters, but also concerned about the color of food, raw materials and other factors. Professor Lee is an example: "in the expansion of the scope of the packaging machinery applications, so continue to put forward new requirements for the machinery manufacturers and suppliers of automation products such as food packaging, to be able to online monitoring of the product itself, and the bacterial content of the packaging materials. Therefore, in potential for development in the field of automation products, machine vision technology. "
    Motion control technology - the key to upgrade the domestic packaging machinery
    The development of motion control technology in the country very quickly, but it seems to increase the impetus to the development of the packaging machinery industry weakness. Motion control products and technologies in the packaging machinery to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, and is mainly used for loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, unstacking process. Professor Li believes that the motion control technology is the difference between one of the key factors of the low-end packaging machinery, Packaging Machinery in China to upgrade technical support.
    The entire mechanical assembly line of the packaging industry is continuous, have very high requirements for speed, torque, precision and dynamic performance indicators, it is precisely fit the servo characteristics of the product.
Professor Li, the major automation company launched the bus motion controller are very broad application prospects in the packaging machinery industry. Follow high-speed bus communication speed and accuracy, high-end features such as multiple position control mode conversion and multi-communication port information data exchange. Domestic packaging machinery companies face the situation on the labor-intensive change, the company's management realized the level of motion control technology to improve at the same time, production costs are reduced accordingly.
    Flexible production - a more flexible product packaging
    At present, the major companies to adapt to the fierce market competition, product replacement cycle is shorter and shorter. It is understood that the production of cosmetics, and generally to achieve a change in three years, or even a quarterly production volume is relatively large, so the high demands on the flexibility of packaging machinery and flexibility: the life of the packaging machinery far greater than the product life cycle. Because the only way to meet the production requirements of the economy.
    Professor Li from three aspects to consider the concept of flexibility: the amount of flexibility, the flexibility of the construct and supply flexibility. Specifically, to make packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility and increase the degree of automation, using microcomputer technology, and module technology. In the food packaging machine, for example, in a machine based on the combination of different elements, the use of multiple feed ports, a number of different folding packaging, you can package a variety of products. More than one robot to operate a video camera monitoring, according to instructions in different ways for different types of food packaging. Changing requirements of the product, as long as the change program within the camera can, so that equipment can be flexible production.
    Manufacturing Execution Systems - packaging machinery applications need to break through bottlenecks
    In recent years, the integration of technology in the packaging industry developed rapidly. The more types of packaging machinery and equipment, which makes the transmission between the interface docking of different vendors' products, equipment and industrial machines, information and equipment encountered great difficulties. In this case, the packaging companies turned to manufacturing execution systems (MES) to find a solution. But it is understood, the MES in the packaging industry is not as good as people expected, the effect of
    "Before, a lot of packaging enterprises in the introduction of ERP, they hope With this platform, so that the management is very convenient for the transfer, analysis of operating data, to understand the production of practical and immediate situation, and to monitor the operation of the workshop, but can not solve complex management problems, although a few years ago to mention more, but still not developed the corresponding as MES and ERP integration development and unsatisfactory. "Professor Li when it comes to MES development of this explains .
    Professor Lee, in the client application of MES, especially in the implementation process, there will always encounter a variety of problems, for example, a packaging company made a lot of problems in how to optimize the manufacturing process of the whole plant, and the optimized process is reasonable doubt. At the same time, the user specific information is very important, according to the production process of the bar code traceable, for example, the link of the error and how error and so on. Therefore, the development of the MES in the packaging industry, there are many details are debatable.